The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Torch is the latest advancement in syndromic infectious disease. Providing up to six times more sample throughput per square foot of bench top space1, the high throughput BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Torch is a fully integrated, random access system designed to meet your laboratory’s syndromic infectious disease testing needs.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Torch will  be compatible with all existing BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Panels providing the quick, comprehensive and accurate results you’ve come to expect from BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY®

* Based on a 24-hour day

The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Torch offers up to 6 times the throughput per square foot of laboratory bench space1.


Respiratory (RP) – 20 Targets
Gastrointestinal (GI) – 22 Targets
Blood Culture Identification (BCID) – 27 Targets
Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) – 14 Targets


The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Torch user experience has been optimized with a touchscreen interface, integrated barcode scanner and intuitive instrument control – providing faster input and navigation.


The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Torch provides random and continuous access sample loading — supporting improved testing and laboratory productivity.


Equipped with BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Link technology, BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Torch can seamlessly integrate into your Laboratory Information System (LIS) — making data management automated and efficient.


1 In comparison to existing BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Systems.