What is sepsis?

  • Sepsis is a global healthcare problem with a high risk of death.
  • It is more common than a heart attack and claims more lives than any cancer.
  • It may lead to shock, multiple organ failure, and death, especially if not recognized early and treated promptly.
  • Yet, worldwide, fewer than 50% of lay people have heard the word sepsis.
  • Although sepsis is preventable, it is still poorly understood.
  • Since approximately 70% of sepsis cases start in the community and outside the hospital, early recognition of the warning signs and symptoms of sepsis is critical.

Symptoms of Sepsis

What causes sepsis?

  • Sepsis is always triggered by an infection most often caused by a bacteria but also by fungi, viruses, and parasites.
  • Sepsis occurs when the body's response to the infection goes out of control, injuring its own tissues and organs, ultimately leading to organ failure and septic shock.

How many people get sepsis?

  • Sepsis strikes an estimated 30 million people per year worldwide
  • In the developing world, sepsis affects more than 6 million newborns and children annually

How bad is it?

  • Sepsis is a life-threatening medical emergency.
  • It claims the lives of 1 in every 3 patients treated for sepsis in Intensive Care Units.
  • Around 6-8 million people die of sepsis every year, making it the primary cause of death from infection.
  • Sepsis mortality can be reduced by 50% through early recognition and evidence based treatment.

What can be done?

  • WORLD SEPSIS DAY VISION is “A World Free of Sepsis” and its mission is to reduce sepsis incidence by 20% by 2020.
  • Increase awareness: sepsis is preventable  education is key to prevent, diagnose and treat sepsis early.
  • Act quickly ⇒  mortality increases with every hour of delayed or inappropriate treatment.
  • Stop Sepsis: save lives  find out how you can help on World Sepsis Day website



Our Commitment

bioMérieux is a proud official sponsor of World Sepsis Day on September 13th and has a long-standing commitment to the prevention and management of sepsis through dedicated diagnostic solutions and educational initiatives.

bioMérieux is Official Sponsor of the World Sepsis Day



Global Actions



Educational Resources & Tools

PCT booklet
Early diagnosis of sepsis and guidance on antibiotic therapy

Download in PDF format


Antimicrobial stewardship booklet
Implementing an antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) in 8 key steps

Download in PDF format


Blood Culture Collection Booklet
Blood Culture: a key investigation for diagnosis of bloodstream infections. Best Practices guide.

Download in PDF format





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