Over 30 years of Innovation

Did you know that VIDAS® accounts for the largest installed base of immunoassay systems in the world and the largest line of reagents on the market? See how, since 1991, the VIDAS® range has steadily grown to adapt to evolving healthcare needs…

Early detection of kidney stress for better management of acute kidney injury

2 tests for detection of COVID-19 infection developed and launched in less than 2 months!

Easy access to automated diagnosis

Automated detection from acute to chronic disease


Commercial launch of VIDAS® 
14 parameters
1 instrument

3 tests performed every second worldwide on VIDAS®
Almost 100 parameters
3 instruments
30 000 systems installed

Discover how bioMérieux teams worldwide transformed it in a very short time into the success we know today…


Alain Mérieux
Chairman of Institut Mérieux

Michele Palladino
BioMérieux General Director from 1991 to 1993

Philippe Archinard-Deputy
CEO of Institut Mérieux


Yesterday, today and tomorrow:
What makes VIDAS® an innovative solution?
Meet the people behind it to find out more…​

VIDAS® AT the heart of Innovation

Clémence Margain
Senior Scientist, R&D Immunoassays

Jacqueline Dupret-Carruel
Senior Director, R&D Immunoassays

Myriam Rousset
System Business Analyst


How VIDAS® secures its suppliers and biomolecules components in-house​

Soizic Daniel
R&D Biosciences Director, Immuno R&D Anticipation​

Mathieu Morel
Raw Material Industrialization Manager, Chemistry

Jean-Marc Barbeaud
Sr Director, R&D Immunoassays, Immuno R&D Verif & Support


Scientific and technologic innovation supported by patents & posters to improve public health

Chloé Buch
Senior Scientist, Immuno R&D Development​

Alice Banz
R&D Bio Management Development, Immuno R&D Development

Andrea Carignano
HW Solution Leader, EU Hardware​


How bioMérieux innovates to answer unmet needs around exploration of cellular RUO solutions and life sciences new department​

Chloé Buch
Senior Scientist, Immuno R&D Development​

Julie Beauvallet
Life Sciences Program Director​, Immuno R&D Development


How bioMérieux ensure secure network connection and prevention against cybersecurity risks

Sandrine Altarac
VIDAS project leader, Immunoassays program

Laurent Hervier
Sr Director, R&D System Development, EU R&D System Development

“I’m a big fan” ​
Listen to how a customer

A distributor and employees talk about their fondness for VIDAS®.​

Dr André-Guy Combremont
Head of the medical biology department at Saint-Quentin Hospital

Slim Khaled
General Manager Maghreb Medical Maintenance and bioMérieux distributor

Gwendoline Pilliaudin
Global Customer Service Manager Immunology

Stéphanie Bontemps
Vice President Global Marketing Immunoassays



Discover our manufacturing process

All VIDAS® reagent kits are produced in Marcy l’Etoile (France), as well as a growing number of critical raw materials. Extensive, well-targeted Quality Control guarantees a reliable result for each parameter, regardless of the instrument and lot used.


Emmanuel Brun
Site Director Marcy l’Etoile

Benoîte Berthelot
Internal raw Material Production Manager

Fulcran Cucchiaro
VIDAS® Manufacturing Supervisor

Laurence Gassman
Lab Quality Control Manager – Marcy l’Etoile

Over 40,000 instruments (VIDAS®, mini-VIDAS®, VIDAS® 3) have been produced since 1991 in Florence (Italy), where all instruments are tested to guarantee robustness and reliability. Want to discover our manufacturing process? Watch the video!


Pascal Quinodon
Site Director France

Massimo Baroncelli
Quality Manager

Marco Appendino
Manufacturing & Refurbishment Manager

Acting for a positive impact

Eco-design of our products is a strong commitment for bioMérieux. See how VIDAS® leads the way with its environmentally friendly kit packaging.


Melanie Pelissard
Eco-design Manager

Victoire Hornus
Industrialization Engineer

“Putting Patient First, Quality At The Heart Of The bioMérieux VIDAS® Diagnostic Offer”​

bioMérieux Speakers Panel

Julien Textoris
Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Immunoassays and host response

Sophie Bobin-Dubreux
Sr Vice President, Quality Post Market, Quality Post Market

Carine Jousset
Vice President, Global Customer Service Operations

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