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FIGHT BACK Against Antimicrobial Resistance

With Diagnostic Solutions for Antimicrobial Stewardship

bioMérieux helps healthcare systems maximize diagnostics and analytics to identify, monitor, and treat today’s most urgent drug-resistant infections. Our solutions support the “five rights” of medication administration: right drug, right patient, right dose, right route, and right time.


Activate fast, actionable diagnostic tools and optimize your laboratory to support responsible use of antimicrobials at each decision point.

Advanced Analytics

Discover the untapped potential of diagnostic data with innovative analytic tools that help connect diagnostics to therapeutic decisions and patient outcomes.

Expert Advising

Transform antimicrobial stewardship in and outside the lab through diagnostic data, analytics, and expert guidance.


Proper Stewardship Initiatives Lead to MEASURABLE RESULTS

Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) is the best way to fight back against AMR. In this article, bioMérieux ASP Director Katherine Perez, PharmD, explains how healthcare systems can implement the right AMS initiatives that drive measurable success and increase patient outcomes in the fight against AMR. 


Diagnostics are the Heart of STEWARDSHIP

bioMérieux takes a proactive partnership-driven approach to combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR), providing an integrated solution that helps healthcare systems drive the medical and economic value of antimicrobial stewardship programs.

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“The very first thing a clinician tries to do is determine the diagnosis and what is causing it. But until the clinician can rule out other potential causes, they’re forced to play defense and that often means giving a broad-spectrum antibiotic to cover everything it could be.”

- Chris Cook, PharmD, PhD
Head, US Medical Affairs at bioMérieux

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“Data and analytics technology is delivering results in seconds that used to take approximately three months to produce. Infection control teams could get a better idea of what’s happening in their environments. Pharmacies could build the right formularies for antibiotics and measure the effectiveness of their stewardship initiatives.”

- John Hurst, PharmD, BCIDP
Senior Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship at bioMérieux

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“Microbiology is the basis for the detection of multi-drug-resistant organisms and the impetus that prompts infection control action. Selective and timely communication of diagnostics and antibiotic susceptibility (AST) results directly impact prescribing and helps clinicians optimize antibiotic therapy.”

- Anne Beall
Senior Director of Laboratory Optimization at bioMérieux

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