Discover the first colony picking system available on the market for clinical routine use:

“Through our use of Colibrí, we’re ensuring standardization and accuracy while freeing technicians for more value-added tasks.”

Dr Jérémy BAYETTE,
LABOSUD microbiology laboratory,
Montpellier, France

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Colibrí- Automated colony picking module

Colibrí picks colonies based on digital coordinates specified by the WASPLab® imaging system to automatically prepare targets for ID with VITEK® MS and bacterial suspension for AST with VITEK® 2.

Traceability and standardization

  • Full traceability throughout ID/AST sample preparation for testing with bioMérieux’s VITEK® solutions:
    • Sample position and target data sent directly to VITEK® MS for ID
    • Colony picking for VITEK® 2 suspension preparation for AST
  • Integrated VITEK® solutions for quality and standardization


  • Three cameras and a laser for accurate detection of colony positions and dimensions
  • Repeatability and reliability through automation


  • Only when empowered by bioMérieux: Unique integration of Colibrí with VITEK® solutions and CHROMID® chromogenic media
  • Focus on samples requiring expert attention


WASPLab®, PhenoMATRIX® and Colibrí are manufactured by COPAN

WASPLab®: More Than Just Lab Automation
WASPLab®: More Than Just Automation… It’s About Your Uniqueness

Your lab productivity needs evolve. WASPLab® is a flexible automated processing, reading and picking solution. When empowered by bioMérieux with end-to-end microbiology expertise and support, WASPLab® offers unbeatable efficiency and continuous innovation.

Go beyond automation to meet the challenge of offering fast, reliable diagnostic results every time.

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