Rapid, actionable results with the most comprehensive solution enable informed clinical decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

bioMérieux provides clinical laboratories with a unique and comprehensive range of integrated diagnostic solutions to address the challenges of sepsis management and antimicrobial resistance.

Our high medical value diagnostic solutions enable timely detection and identification of pathogens and provide actionable insights that can optimise antibiotic therapy and improve patient outcomes.

Sepsis Overview

Every year, 49 million people acquire sepsis. Time is of the essence for appropriate therapy as the key driver of clinical outcomes.

For every hour delay in time to appropriate therapy, survival decreases by 7.6% during septic shock.

Role of Diagnostics in the Fight Against Sepsis

Speed Saves Lives

Rapid results enable timely detection and identification of pathogens and provide actionable insights that can optimise therapy and improve patient outcomes.

Identifying sepsis risk as quickly as possible is critical for improving patient outcomes. Fast and actionable diagnostic data, paired with advanced analytics solutions, can inform sepsis care and direct the course of antibiotic therapy throughout the patient journey.

Discover our Sepsis Solution

bioMérieux supports the continuum of sepsis care with diagnostic solutions that span the entire treatment workflow. Patient monitoring capabilities support the timely optimisation of treatment, and analytic platforms provide in-depth information about the pathogen responsible to direct targeted antimicrobial therapy.

Discover Our Unique Range of Integrated
Diagnostic Solutions

  • High medical value diagnostics and data-driven solutions can be used to provide you faster, more optimised antimicrobial therapy guidance, to help improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs.
  • Putting diagnostics at the heart of AMS helps you drive informed therapy decisions from antibiotic initiation to optimisation and discontinuation. Comprehensive solutions exist today to slow the spread of AMR and accelerate your stewardship programme success.
  • bioMérieux is dedicated to helping you as a healthcare professional access actionable results faster because time-to-diagnosis and therapeutic efficacy are critical.

Our Integrated Solution

Antimicrobial Stewardship

BIOMÉRIEUX supports the growing contribution of laboratories to Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes.

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bioMérieux IT & Data Solutions

bioMérieux's MAESTRIA turns laboratory and hospital data into insightful, actionable information to support diagnostic and clinical decisions at all stages to better support antimicrobial stewardship. bioMérieux MAESTRIA empowers you to make the right decisions at the right time.

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Medical Education Resource Hub

BIOMÉRIEUX'S Medical Education Resource Hub is designed to bring you relevant, up-to-date and non-promotional medical and scientific content that may contribute to better patient outcomes and improve public health.

Watch webinars and tutorials, read case studies and patient stories and download educational booklets developed in collaboration with renowned medical and scientific experts to discover and learn more about the critical role of diagnostics in the detection, identification and diagnosis of disease and appropriate patient management.

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