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Join Us for PDA Micro 2021

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The Parenteral Drug Association will kick off its annual conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology on October 4, followed by the 2021 PDA Endotoxins Workshop on October 7.

Both events will be fully virtual, but you can still immerse yourself in our scientific content, view our virtual booth, and chat with our experts about the latest solutions for microbiological quality control.

What Can You Expect at PDA Micro 2021?

Explore Our Scientific Posters

Engage with our experts as they discuss their research regarding mycoplasma detection, microbial sugars as LAL reactive substances, and a comparative performance study of adjusted BACT/ALERT® iFA Plus for growth promotion and antimicrobial neutralization.


Testing Bioproduction Samples using the BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma Molecular Lab in a Pouch System 

Lori L. Daane, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs, bioMérieux Inc.

Microbial Sugars as Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Reactive Substances 

Kevin L. Williams, BS, Senior Scientist, bioMérieux Inc.

A comparative performance study of adjusted BACT/ALERT iFA Plus for growth promotion and antimicrobial neutralization

Julie Yang, MS, MBA, Program Director - Rapid Microbiological Methods, bioMérieux Inc.



Spotlight On: Sanofi / bioMérieux Podium Presentation

Suitability of a Single Incubation Temperature for Environmental Monitoring Program

Laurent Leblanc
Microbiological R&D Manager, bioMérieux

Thierry Bonnevay
Microbiology Analytical Expert, Sanofi Pasteur


Key Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss

Laser Focused on Quality at Laser Speed

Case Study using Alternative Rapid Microbial Method Scan RDI to Release Broad Spectrum Antivirals

Oct. 4 | 2:15 PM EST

Omkar Baburao Patil, MSc Microbiology, Associate Director-Microbiology, Cipla Limited, Goa Ranjana B. Pathak, BSc, MBA, DHA, President - Global Quality, Medical Affairs & Pharmacovigilance, Cipla Limited


Get Lot-to-Lot Reproducibility

Holy Crab! A Simple, Automated Sample-to-Answer Recombinant Factor C Assay for Bacterial Endotoxins

Oct. 5 | 12:00 PM EST

Jay S. Bolden, Associate Quality Advisor-Biologist, Eli Lilly Cindy M. Heath, Senior Research Scientist – Automation, Eli Lilly


Faster Results – Faster to Market

iLYM Media Improves Fungal Detection on the BacT/ALERT for ATMP Sterility Testing

Oct. 6 | 12:00 PM EST

Anna F. Lau, PhD, D(ABMM), Chief, Sterility Testing Service, National Institutes of Health


Endotoxins Workshop

Results and Benefits of using a Novel Recombinant Factor C Assay for Human Tissue Endotoxin Testing 

Oct. 7 | 8:45 AM EST

Victoria Rensink, XTANT Medical 

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