Preserve Platelet Quality.
Ensure Patient Safety.

Method Safety – Platelet contamination is a safety concern when treating patients in need of platelet transfusions. FDA-recommended Large-Volume Delayed Sampling (LVDS) testing detects bacterial contamination in platelets, ensuring patient safety and therapeutic efficacy. LVDS provides an effective approach to platelet transfusion safety by efficiently detecting all types of bacterial contamination3.

Platelet Functionality – LVDS-tested product maintains a greater number of functional platelets than Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT)-processed platelets. In consequence, a lesser volume of product is needed with LVDS to provide an equivalent number of functional platelets in comparison with PRT-processed platelets1,2.

Established Product – As an established method, BACT/ALERT® culture testing has proven its reliability in many decades of use4. Reliable quality control methods are essential to protect patients from contamination risk in platelets. bioMérieux provides FDA-cleared single-step LVDS quality control testing solutions, which extend platelet shelf life to seven days. Non-destructive bacterial screening with BACT/ALERT systems ensures full platelet quality and uncompromised function.